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Fixing my Site

I just finished my program of Photography at school. Now time to update my site! Please give me a few days to completely re-do and update my page. Sorry for the inconvenience,


It has been awhile ..

I can not believe I let an entire quarter of school go by without updating my blog! I just finished my first Portfolio Development class! Which means that I now have some images for my portfolio!

This quarter I also had advanced commercial and I would say my best image that came from that class was my spirits/wine photograph. I will keep adding images from this past quarter up.

Even better news!! Our spring quarter coming up in just two weeks, one of our classes is our internship! I couldn’t be more excited. My number one choice was KATE TURNING! I really really hope I get to intern with her. I know I will learn so much! Fingers crossed! Here is one of her images.

Photojournalism Essay

Here is my Final Photojournalism Essay Assignment for this quarter. I loved creating this. I spent about a month with Ned following him and taking him places and recording his story and have gained a very good friend. All the time and energy put into it paid off in the end. Enjoy 🙂

Photojournalism Assignment

Oh my goodness how wonderful this assignment has been!! This past week, I have been working very hard on my photojournalism assignment with Ned. Remember, the blind piano tuner? Yeah, well he is awesome! What an amazing person. I am so so so blessed that he was introduced to me. It has been such an inspiring time for me. I have never met a blind person before, I am learning so much. What I take for granted on a day to day basis! oh my goodness, too much. I am still shooting some stuff with him and I am getting more ideas of what else to record from him for voice-over the more I talk to him and see how and what he does everyday. I can’t wait to share his story with you! Here’s Ned!

Fill Flash

The past two weeks at school we learned about fill flash. I love love love it!! I have had the sb600 for over a year now and have never known how to properly use it. Well now I do 🙂 and I keep experimenting with new things! Our assignment was to use the flash as a fill, not a main. So in other words, the main light would still be the sunlight with the fill popping in light at places that were darker. I went out on an overcast day and it was going great! Until the sun decided to peak back through again. I went to the skate park in Grayson. Half the park was surrounded by trees and I did not want that in my picture. So it was kind of difficult to find a spot that had the sun in the right place (behind or beside my subject) and with no trees in the background. Here is the image I turned in. I had yet another great critique. WOO!! In photojournalism you aren’t allowed to do much to the image after it’s taken. But I really want to vamp these pictures up. Maybe new post?
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